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Fired is the eleventh level of the Chapter 1. It requires players to walljump off of dissolving blocks or else they will fall into the fire. It is a very easy level for anyone who is competent at walljumping. It is the first level to feature fire.

A+ time: 8.00

Bandage: Yes


Wall-jump up the dissolving blocks to reach Bandage Girl. The bandage on the stage is located to the right of the upper right column of blocks. This bandage can be grabbed using Meat Boy but if you are not great at the game Jill will make the bandage easy to grab. Just swing out from the top of the column to get the bandage and then swing back to land on the lower colomn.

View a video walkthrough here.

Dark WorldEdit

1-11X full

1-11X DousedEdit

Doused is the dark world version of Fired. It changes the background to blue and removes the fire, adding a lot of saw blades and changing the crumbling block platforms a bit.

A+ time: 13.00

Bandage: No


Fall down to the ground, jump through the saws and wall-jump up the crumbling blocks, while on the top right column, sprint and jump to the highest left column, and wall-jump to Bandage Girl.

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