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Revolve is the twelfth level of Chapter 1. It requires the player to wall-jump underneath the platform that carries Bandage Girl and then walljump up to her. A warp zone is located behind her and is very easy to reach, leading to the level The Commander!.

A+ time: 7.00

Bandage: No

Warp Zone: Yes


Slide down the side of the wall and jump to the middle platform. Wall-jump up the other wall and jump over to Bandage Girl. Simply follow the same strategy but jump over Bandage Girl to reach the Warp Zone.

View a video walkthrough here.

Dark WorldEdit

1-12X full

1-12X FirealEdit

Fireal is the dark world version of Revolve. The background is orange and the middle is enclosed is dissolving blocks. There are also many more saws added and the lower platform is shrunk.

A+ time: 12.00

Bandage: No


Slide down the wall and jump to the first column of dissolving blocks, slide down to break it and jump through to land on the middle platform. Jump and break a few of the middle blocks of the second column and jump back to the platform; jump through the hole and swing around to the right side of the lower column piece and wall-jump up to the top, wall-jump over to the far right wall and then just jump to Bandage Girl.

It is possible to jump through the gap above-right to the spawn point with some characters for a much faster time, but this is very difficult.


  • "Fireal" is a song by the band Deftones.

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