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The Gap is the third level of the first chapter of Super Meat Boy. It is the first level that poses a threat of dying but is still very easy. It serves to introduce sprinting to the player, requiring it to get over the gap.


Sprint and jump over the gap, but be wary of the sawblades.

View a video walkthrough here.

Dark WorldEdit

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Bzzzzz is the dark world counterpart of The Gap, unlocked by getting an A+ on the light world. It is the same, but it has a block with two sawblades on the top and bottom of it in the middle of the gap, and a sawblade on the top, making the player wall-jump off the block, then over. It also has a pink background. Bzzzzz contains the first dark world bandage, which is very easy to get, just by jumping very close to the middle sawblade.

Bandage: Yes

A+ time: 10.00

Dark World StrategyEdit

There are rather few ways to win this stage. The most commonly used is to jump onto the middle platform, then leap back towards the metallic wall on the left, before making one last jump towards Bandage Girl. Otherwise, the player may wall jump off of the left side of the middle platform, and with enough maneuvering, land on the other side and wall jump to victory off it. In addition to the former strategy, the player may decide to wall jump off of the metallic platform on the right cliff, though this tends to be unnecessary.


  • You can actually get to bandage girl without sprinting by getting higher on the wall and then jumping.