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Bladecatcher is the sixth level of the The Forest. It is the level that introduces saw blades as a hazard. (Previous levels had saws for decoration but not to kill you.)

Strategy Edit

Jump over the saws. You can wall-jump up the walls to do this faster.

View a video walkthrough here.

Speedrunning this stage is pretty straightforward, just make sure you slow down when you try to jump over the third saw, so you reach the peak of your jump and don't hit it. Takes about 3.60 seconds if done optimally.


  • "Bladecatcher" is a song by the band Mastodon. It's on the album Blood Mountain, which is also the name of a level.
  • This is the first level with any non-decoration hazard, not including falling off the screen.

Dark WorldEdit

1-6 DW

1-6X I Am The NightEdit

I Am The Night is the dark world counterpart to Bladecatcher. The difference is that the saws are surrounded by smaller saws, are a bit bigger, and the top platform is completely filled with saws except for Bandage Girl, forcing you to wall-jump. It is also the first dark world silhouette level in the game (The Light World one doesn't come until Chapter 2), being completely blacked out and the background blue.

Bandage: No

A+ time: 7.00


Use long wall-jumps to get over each platform. It is possible to get over the first two platforms without wall-jumps, but wall-jumps are easier, and the last platform is impossible to get over without wall-jumping.

To get the best time, wall jump on the first wall once and on the second and third wall twice. You should get a time of 4.30-4.40 seconds.


  • "I Am The Night" is the third album (and track #2) by heavy metal band Pantera.
  • I Am The Night is one of the only three silhouette levels in all of The Forest's 40 levels; the other two are 1-16X Night Game and 1-18X Whitewash.