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Bladecatcher is the sixth level of the The Forest. It is the level that introduces saw blades as a hazard. (Previous levels had saws for decoration but not to kill you.)

Strategy Jump over the saws. You can wall-jump up the walls to do this faster.

View a video walkthrough here.


  • "Bladecatcher" is a song by the band Mastodon. It's on the album Blood Mountain, which is also the name of a level.
  • This is the first level with any non-decoration hazard, not including falling off the screen.

Dark WorldEdit

1-6 DW

1-6X I Am The NightEdit

I Am The Night is the dark world counterpart to Bladecatcher. The difference is that the saws are surrounded by smaller saws, are a bit bigger, and the top platform is completely filled with saws except for Bandage Girl, forcing you to wall-jump. It is also the first dark world silhouette level in the game (The Light World one doesn't come until Chapter 2), being completely blacked out and the background blue.

Bandage: No

A+ time: 7.00


Use long wall-jumps to get over each platform. It is possible to get over the first two platforms without wall-jumps, but wall-jumps are easier, and the last platform is impossible to get over without wall-jumping.


  • "I Am The Night" is the third album (and track #2) by heavy metal band Pantera.
  • I Am The Night is one of the only three silhouette levels in all of The Forest's 40 levels; the other two are 1-16X Night Game and 1-18X Whitewash.