Light WorldEdit

2-2 One down:Edit

One down

Hospital Level 2: One Down

One Down is the second level in The Hospital. It features syringe walls that you have to dodge as you wall jump in between the gaps from wall to wall.

Bandage: Yes

A+ time: 10.50


There are 3 ways you can complete this level. You can wall jump inbetween the gaps like you are supposed to, or you can fall all the way down to the second ledge on the right and then fall to the left and quickly go to the right to reach bandage girl. Be careful though, because this is a somewhat difficult strategy. Another way is by using Jill to float your way down to Bandage Girl.


The bandage is on the second ledge on the right.

Dark WorldEdit

Pinkeye Falls

Dark Hospital Level 2: Pinkeye Falls

2-2X Pinkeye Falls:Edit

Pinkeye Falls is a harder version of One Down, and features more syringe pits on the walls to die on.

Bandage: No

A+ Time: 14:00


The strategy for this level is the same as the last one. You can do the hard way by wall jumping, or you can just fall to the second ledge on the right.