Memories is a level in Super Meat Boy. It is the third level in The Hospital.

In this level, Meat Boy must traverse a winding corridor to reach Bandage Girl. Sawblade launchers are present at the far wall of each of the path's "levels", firing its deadly projectiles across the floor. To move forward, Meat Boy must jump over the incoming saws, being careful not to leap into the needles covering parts of the ceiling.

When Meat Boy reaches the end of the passageway, he will find Bandage Girl atop the final sawblade launcher. Of course, Dr. Fetus quickly appears to snatch her away, forcing the meaty hero to move onward.

Super Meat Boy Walkthrough - The Hospital 2-3 Memories00:51

Super Meat Boy Walkthrough - The Hospital 2-3 Memories

This is a video of how to beat the level

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