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Bandage Girl

Bandage Girl is the "Damsel in Distress" character of the game, who loves Meat Boy and keeps getting kidnapped by Dr. Fetus. She is the playable character in Chapter 7: The Cotton Alley. In Cotton Alley, Bandage Girl (who leaves behind a pink trail of calamine lotion) must rescue Meat Boy. She handles identically to her boyfriend which is a good thing, since in this chapter the only playable character is Bandage Girl. In the original Meat Boy flash game, she was known as "Band-Aid Girl"; her name was changed to avoid legal repercussions. As a playable character, she has a flower on her head. 

Once the chapter is completed, she can have a (very small) chance of being "Glitched", with a distorted appearance and making strange beeping sounds. Touching her while in this form will activate the Glitch Level for that chapter. 

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