Super Meat Boy - 4-15X Bone Yard00:21

Super Meat Boy - 4-15X Bone Yard

A Video Showing The Black Monsters.


A Black Monster Exploding Into Smaller Pieces.

Black Maws appear in Chapter 4 - Hell, they are black crocodile looking heads that shoot at Meat Boy and break into 9 smaller heads that shoot in all directions. They kill Meat Boy upon contact.


  • The Black Maws have a name, but different names could be Black Monster, Black Crocodile, or Black Shooters.
    • A popular name is "Demon Maws".
  • When using Tim, it's possible to survive all of the Black Maws attacks when in "reverse time" state. You will however die if they encircle you and going out of "reverse time" state.
  • The large head has a rare glitch where it will not kill Meat Boy on contact, the 9 smaller heads however will always kill Meat Boy.

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