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Super Meat Boy 3rd boss Brownie02:02

Super Meat Boy 3rd boss Brownie

by blankertim

Brownie is the boss of The Salt Factory and the deuteragonist of Super Meat Boy. He has been designed to look like Meat Boy, but instead of being made of muscle with black eyes, he is made of Dr. Fetus' feces and has yellow eyes, most likely made of corn.

His boss fight acts like a speed run through a level that has rising salt. Making contact with him will not kill Meat Boy. After beating Brownie, Meat Boy will try and save him, but fails as Dr. Fetus keeps pelting him with bricks, as an attempt for revenge, Meat Boy jumps over to Dr. Fetus's tower, but later gets hit with a remote, sending him to the the salt flood below, unlocking Chapter 4: Hell.

Brownie appears once again after beating Dr. Fetus and escaping from "his castle". As a boulder is just about to crush Meat Boy, Brownie comes to save him. He is thought to have died as he went down with the island as it was exploding. However, he appears during the credits popping out from his grave and then getting hit by a toilet that comes from Dr. Fetus' castle. The song that is played in this level is called "Fast Track to Browntown".


Before the battle begins, Meat Boy found Bandage Girl tied in the factory and attempts to rescue her. However, Meat Boy's rescue is interrupted by Dr. Fetus, who is crapping on a toilet. He then flushes the toilet, creating the poo creature known as Brownie. The crap creature appears and roars at Meat Boy, only to be interrupted by a fart from Dr. Fetus who, after spending time crapping on the toilet, presses a button which floods the area with a rising pile of salt. The battle begins.

As a Playable Character Edit

Boss and playable character.


Super Meat Boy

Unlocked by

Code input


Fast movement speed

Platforms available on

Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PSVita, Wii U, PC, Steam, Mac, Linux

Brownie is also available as a playable character in all versions of the game via a code. He is a re-skin of Meat Boy. To play as Brownie, you must have defeated The Salt Factory boss and input the following code in the character select screen:
  • Xbox Controller: RB, RB, RB, B, B, B, X
  • PS4 Controller: R2, R2, R2, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square
  • Wii U: ZR, ZR, ZR, B, B, B, Y

Brownie is available on PC/Mac/Linux, but a controller is necessary to input the code.

After entering the code, a voice should say "Push the buttons!" Then choose any character, and you will be playing as Brownie.

Example of the code working can be found here.

Trivia Edit

  • In the boss fight, Brownie is actually a recording of a developer playing.

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