First level in Castle Crushers

Castle Crushers is the second warp zone in Chapter 2: The Hospital and is accessible through level 2-12, Above. It contains a bandage on the first and second stages.

Though not particularly that difficult, this warp zone requires a lot of attention to detail for a level this early in the game.


The two main obstacles in this warp zone are saw blades (both stationary and mobile) and collapsible blocks.

In the first stage all you have to do is jump in-between large saw blades. Make sure that, on your way down, you jump in the very middle and keep Meat Boy straight.

In the second stage you have to make your way up several pyramid-like rows of collapsible blocks. Make sure to jump and turn at the right times.

Lastly, in the final stage, you have to race through two horizontal pathways with a saw blade launcher in front of you. You need almost perfect timing to make it through these last obstacles.


The second level

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