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The Headcrab is the 10 Bandages unlock for the Steam Version of Super Meat Boy.
LMZ 12Added by LMZ 12

He is like Goo Ball, but with a more horizontal jump.

Name: Headcrab

Origin: Half-Life Series

Age: ???

Pro: Exactly like Gish and Goo Ball, but jumps more horizontally

Con: Jumps less vertically than Gish and Gooball

Requirements: 10 bandages in Steam Version

Description: "Clingy! Itchy"


Headcrab after being selected.
Deathrock9Added by Deathrock9
*Though there is only one Headcrab in Super Meat Boy, Headcrabs are a common enemy in the Half-Life series.
  • Its only available in the Steam version, and not available in the Xbox Live Arcade Version.
  • His mouth can only be seen in the character selection screen.
  • Headcrab was voted 2nd worst character in the game.
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