There are 2 bandages in this level (on PC, but I am not entirely sure about on consoles), however, you only have to collect one, and the other disappears. This effectively gives you twice as many options. The first bandage is on the top left part of the map, and the second is on the bottom left. I suggest Jill on these as it makes it easier not to jump into the spikes with her air-break. If you do not have jill unlocked, Commander Video should do just fine. The strategy is to run over to the right and jump off the wall, effectively making the black maw run into the wall. you can then stand on the center platform, and the black maws will go through the floor. If you stand on the left, bait it, and go to the right, it will follow and easily be avoided. continue this until the platform lowers below the walls (at which point the black maw will shoot his side munchers and you may have to jump to avoid them) and go around the platform to save Bandage Girl. Oh wait that doesn't happen for a while, sorry!

Long Goodbye

Full map with small blue indicators that are around the bandages.

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