Mr. Maggot!

There's a maggot!

Maggots are worm-like creatures that make an appearance in Chapter 5 of Super Meat Boy.


Maggots are grey, round creatures, with smaller segments behind their head. They always seem to be very happy, judging by their large smile. Maggots are found in groups. Very, very large groups, so large that there are pits filled with them. They also can form a wave and flood buildings. They may seem harmless, but if Meat Boy even touches them, he'll explode. Also, their trajectory is always the same so it's predictible when you have already done the level one time.


  • Maggots are real-life creatures that enjoy eating wood and come in large groups.
  • The segments of a Maggot use the same sprite as its head, but shrunk.
  • Larries Lament, the final stage of The Rapture, features three large maggots as bosses.