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Meat Boy

Meat Boy is the protagonist of the 'Meat Boy' series. He is a boy with no skin (or made of meat, based upon how he splatters upon death, and the title of the game) in the shape of a cube.

He is in love with Bandage Girl who is constantly being captured by Dr. Fetus. Meat Boy has to traverse dangerous terrain covered in saws and other various hazards to rescue her. 

Pros: One of the three fastest characters, along with RunMan (Steam) and The Ninja (XBLA). Also, unlike most other characters, Meat Boy can beat every level (except specific warp zones).

Cons: The first character, so he has no special ability.

You can unlock different variations of Meat Boy in the Steam and XBLA version, e.g. 8-bit Meat Boy and 4 Color Meat Boy (that are only skins, nothing change with the physics/movement)


  • Edmund has confirmed that Meat Boy is not made of animal meat.

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