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Unlocked by

Collecting 50 bandages


Floating downwards slowly,fly up-forward quickly

Platforms available on

PC, Steam

Naija is the main character of the indie game Aquaria. She's an unlockable character for the PC version of the game for 50 bandages.

By pressing Shift (on the PC version) in mid-air, Naija will float VERY slowly. Upon releasing shift, Naija will fly forward and up very fast. However, her jump is short, making her not as useful for wall jumping levels. She is somewhat similar to Spelunky, except that she can't fly downwards. She also doesn't fly as far as Spelunky, and her movement acts very slippery, meaning she will slide uncontrollably for a moment when she changes direction (This includes in midair).

Pro: Can float downwards slowly, and can fly up-forward quickly.

The so called Quantum-Naija-Tunnel-Glitch[1] enables her to path through edges and go out of bounds.

Con: Jumps aren't that high, and slippery movement


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