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Oobs are creatures encountered in the video game Super Meat Boy. They can be found in Chapters 5 and 7.


Oobs resemble large red balls, with four small feet and sharp teeth. They have their guts exposed and hanging off of their body.


Oobs float in mid-air and stay still. When Meat Boy approaches, they will lunge at him, then follow him slowly, when Meat Boy approaches more, they will charge at Meat Boy. When Meat Boy gets far away from them, they fall asleep again.


  • The Chapter 7 stage "Oob's Revenge" is named after them.
  • Oobs act similarly to Boos from the Mario series. Their names are also similar, hence the name.
    • According to the Ultra Edition manual, Oobs were originally planned to stop when you turn your back to them, like Boos themselves but in reverse.
  • If you use Meat Ninja to teleport from an attacking Oob, the Oob snarls and freezes permanently (but touching it again is still lethal). It may be a glitch. The same thing happens with Tim, if you rewind time while an Oob attacks you.
    • If you use a hack for don't getting hurt by enemies and he touch you he freezes permanently.
  • Oobs make an appearance as enemies in the remake of The Binding of Isaac, a later game by Edmund.