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Steve (Mr.Minecraft)
Mr minecraft
Unlockable character.



Unlocked by

Collecting 100 bandages


Dig and place blocks

Platforms available on

PC, Steam, Mac, Linux

Steve is the main character of the internet-famous online game called Minecraft. He is the last character you unlock after you collect all 100 bandages in the PC/Mac/Linux version of the game. His ability allows you to remove and place blocks at free will, therefore making almost any level very easy.

Age: ???

Con: No running. This makes him useless in some Rapture levels like "Rise" (If you want A+). Also if you want an achievement of completing a world without dying, you can't use him.

Requirements: 100 bandages

Achievement: "Accidental Arsonist"


  • Although Steve can run as of Minecraft Beta 1.8, he still can not run in Super Meat Boy.
  • According to Notch, Steve is 1.8 meters tall, which doesn't seem to be the case in Super Meat Boy.
  • In Super Meat Boy, he's referred to as "Mr. Minecraft".

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