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Mr minecraft
Steve is the main character of the internet-famous online game called Minecraft. He is the last character you unlock after you collect all the Bandages in the PC version of the game. His ability allows you to remove and place blocks at free will, therefore making maze-like levels or any kind of level easy.

Name: Steve

Age: ???

Origin: Minecraft

Pros: Place blocks and remove blocks at free will

Con: No running. This makes him useless in some Rapture levels like "Rise" (If you want A+). Also if you want an achievement of completing a world without dying, you can't use him.

Requirements: 100 bandages

Achievement: "Accidental Arsonist"


  • Although Steve can now run as of Minecraft Beta 1.8, he still can not run in Super Meat Boy.
  • According to Notch, Steve is 1.8 meters tall, which doesn't seem to be the case in Super Meat Boy.
  • In Super Meat Boy, he's referred to as "Mr. Minecraft".

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