Team Meat

A photo of Team Meat.

Team Meat is an indie developer team who are currently working on the update for their recent game Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy is based on their original Newgrounds game, Meat Boy. Team Meat currently consists of only two members: Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes.

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The History of Meat BoyEdit

In the Ultra Edition manual, there is a three-page comic about the history of Meat Boy. (Some of this story is just gibberish) (This is exactly what's in the manual)

Once upon a time there was an independent game designer who made flash games online, let's call him Edmund. Edmund was contacted by a fellow developer, named Jon, who wanted to make a simple platformer with him, something very challenging with a retro vibe. Edmund suggested it be about a boy made of meat, and jon said, "eh why not?" Edmund and Jon fell in love. And a month later Meat Boy was born. "How can we expolit our new baby?" they thought. So they cut him up and pushed him into a computer, 3 days later their Meat Boy baby was reborn on The response was amazing! within a month Meat Boy was played over 4 million times.. Uniting nations around the world. Shortly after Edmund would get a phone call from Microsoft. Phone: "We like the cut of your jib boy!, how'd you like to develop your games for Xbox Live!?" Edmund: "golly!" But Edmund was poop and simple minded, how could he acquire $$$ for a development kit? and who had the brain power to develop for console? IDEA! Edmund would simply release a "Map Pack" just like the mainstream does and juice his audience for just enough money to buy the kit. Oh and also Edmund met Tommy, an expert programmer who was awesome. Edmund and Tommy fell in love. 2 months later Microsoft sent them a kit. Tommy stayed at Edmund's house, in his "Cat Room". Suddenly Edmund fell ill! and was hospitalized... Tommy: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" (Thinking) "$" But Edmund cheated death! and they got right back to work! Then the phone rang! It was VALVE! Phone: "YOU'RE PUTTING SUPER MEAT BOY ON STEAM!" Right away the team was on the job! They knew they could do it! Then this place calling itself "IGF" nominated SMB for their "Grand prize" What the @#!*% was going on? could this little meat boy save Edmund from his hospital dept and cure Tommy's diabetes? NO!, IT Couldnt! because they LOST! and Tommy's head blew up! Edmund: (Thinking) "$" But Edmund knew how to fix this! Thinking fast, Edmund made a pact with Satan, bringing Tommy back from the dead and guaranteeing sucess! So they worked... and worked... and worked... Finally finishing their dream game Super Meat Boy! The world rejoiced! OUR MEATY HERO WAS BORN AGAIN! Gaining universal acclaim! Who would have thought two college dropouts could have designed one of the highest rated games of 2010!?! Its too bad they were both dead the whole time! What a TWIST!!!

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