The Kid
Unlockable character.


I Wanna Be The Guy

Unlocked by

Completing 5-7 warp zone


Best double jump

Platforms available on

Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PSVita, Wii U, PC, Steam, Mac, Linux

The Kid is the protagonist of I Wanna Be The Guy.

He becomes a playable character if you are able to complete his warp zone. Like Ogmo, he has the ability to double jump, but has better vertical reach. He is better than Ogmo overall, but Ogmo is better if you want more of a challenge. Unlocking him will unlock the achievement "The Kid" for the Xbox 360 (10 Gamerscore Points), PS4/Psvita (Silver Trophy), and the Steam version.

The first level of his warp zone was altered and added to the "Expert Remix" chapter on Teh Internets, a chapter that consisted of previous levels, but made exceptionally hard. The only character available in this is Meat Boy.

In a poll on the Super Meat Boy forums, The Kid was voted as the most favorite guest character, obtaining just over a third (41) of the 120 votes. The Kid got over 3 times as many votes as second place Captain Viridian (12 votes)

Location: 5-7 "The Fallen"

Age: 15 (According to his game)

Pros: double jump (better than Ogmo's) and better speed than Ogmo's but worse than Meat Boy's

Cons: Slow speed, very difficult to unlock

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